CTRPCV Profiles

Who are you?

Jillian Corley, South Africa 2011 Ė 2013


Why did you choose to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer?

I wanted to do something impactful. Peace Corps is a great opportunity to learn, help others, travel and meet inspiring people.


What did you do as a Peace Corps Volunteer?

I taught Natural Science at two primary schools to Grades 5-7. My classrooms had nearly 60 students in them at a time.


Can you share your favorite memory from service?

My counterpart and I started a womenís soccer league after recognizing the popularity of the sport among the boys and men in the village. We were surprised when so many people in the village came out to watch the first game. There were plenty of unintentional mistakes made during the game, as the women were used to playing netball, a sport played with your hands. Despite that, it was really uplifting and rewarding to stand on the sideline and watch that first game next to my counterpart.


How has serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer affected your life?

Peace Corps has affected the way I think and do everything in my life. I feel like I have a fuller perspective and am able to approach problems better. I also have more confidence proposing new ideas.


What advice do you have for prospective Peace Corps Volunteers?

Find something you are passionate about to work on. Donít compare yourself to other volunteers and try not to spread yourself thin. Make sure you plan some adventurous traveling vacations with your Peace Corps cohort!


Do you have anything else you would like to share with our readers related to you or your PC service?

“Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again”
Nelson Mandela