If you can help with the packing of books, please contact Maureen so that she will know who is planning on attending this event. (MaureenShanley@hotmail.com or 203-775-9222)

ADDRESS: 1926 Post Road, Darien, CT 06820
DATE: Saturday, August 20, 2016
TIME: 9 amó1 pm
One year when we were packing books at Danbury Book Aid, a PCV on his way to the airport to return to his PC post in Africa stopped by DBA to thank them for the books they had sent to him and to tell them the difference that these books were making in his village. His visit made us (CTRPCVs) realize that our few hours of packing boxes of books for PCVs IS REALLY IMPORTANT. Perhaps some of you read books that were in the PC library in your country that DBA had sent. Please give a few hours to return the favor and support a PCV who is now serving.

Darien Book Aid is a non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to fostering peace and friendship through the distribution of free books. Approximately 60% of DBA’s shipments fulfill requests from current PC Volunteers. DBA needs volunteers to pack boxes, select books to ship, sort books and much more. As Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, you know how much of an impact educational materials can have on a community.

You can also bring books! Frequently requested books include:
* Children’s books – for all ages – preschool to teen levels, fiction and non-fiction
* Classics – and simplified classics
* Dictionaries in English, Spanish, French and picture dictionaries
* Encyclopedias on CD-ROM. Other information on CD-ROM (PC format)
* English readers and grammar books
* Crafts & how-to books
* Health, “Where There is No Doctor” type books
* Science
* Agriculture, vegetable gardening, beekeeping, animal husbandry
* Ecology and environment
* Books in Spanish or French for native speakers in all subjects
* Paperback editions of recent novels (mysteries, fiction, etc.)
* National Geographic – no more than 5 years old
* Textbooks
* Textbooks (not older than 10 years) with up-to-date content are accepted.

For more information about Darien Book Aid, you can visit their website at†http://dba.darien.org/. If you are interested in volunteering individually, you can call 203-655-2777 or email darienbookaid@yahoo.com.