Soul de Cuba… Great fun and food!!!

Who knew the CTRPCV would predict that March 21, 2016 would be the actual date that the President of the United States would go to Cuba to start the reconnection process between our two countries… but months ago that was the date that CTRPCV arranged for our restaurant meeting at Soul de Cuba in New Haven. Okay… it was just a coincidence, but that thought made us laugh. We filled the restaurant with cheerful laughter and serious discussions. Cuban music played in the background as we ate delicious meals and drank mojitos. Our instant raffle, which helps fund our Community Service Project Fund, brought in $125. The raffle items included: home brewed beer, handmade note cards, scented candles, wine, photos from PC projects, Nigerian baskets, and a novel written by Catherine Onyemelukwe, just to name a few. Everyone went home a winner with a newly found treasure.

During the short meeting, we elected new board members: Al May as Member-at-Large and Jillian Corley as Secretary. In addition, Allegra Itsoga volunteered to take over managing the membership of our group because Jonathan Rosario expects to be moving to Washington, DC in the near future. On that note… we are looking for someone to manage the monthly newsletter because that is another “hat” that Jonathan has been wearing!

Would you like to see a restaurant meeting near you? Arranging a restaurant meeting or a potluck gathering at your home is really easy to do. Find a restaurant that will either give you a menu with a set price or arrange to have separate checks. A restaurant with ethnic cuisine is preferred, but not mandated. If you plan on hosting an event, please contact our new Membership Coordinator, Allegra Itsoga, through our Facebook group page to request the contact information for RPCVs in the area. It is really easy to do. We would LOVE to have more food outings, but someone in your area has to organize it. Is that person YOU???