$500: March 2005 – Donna Tabor (Nicaragua, 1996-1998)

Donna Tabor decided to stay in Nicaragua after her Peace Corps service. It took her a few years to get the school and dormitory built for the street boys that she wanted to help. A year later she decided that she would use a small house that had been donated to her cause to start a café where the boys would learn the restaurant trade by cooking, serving, and managing the tiny establishment. Donna has now started Escuelita Yo Puedo (The Little I Can School). Basically, the school is a storefront area that contains computers and library books. These children are denied their right to be educated by the system that rules. Because of the need to work and to help support their families, there is a daily struggle to compete with a mother who will drag her child away from the school to get back to the streets to sell candy or beg for money. Escuelita Yo Puedo is a window of opportunity for these poor children.

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