$250: March 2005 – Charyn Atkin (Kenya, 1979-1983)

Last Fall Charyn returned to her Peace Corps site with cameras for Kenyan children orphaned by the AIDS virus. The group she traveled with had the idea that they would teach the children simple photography and then select special photos for an art exhibit that would serve as a fundraiser for the orphanage. Through the photography project they hoped to give the orphans a chance to enhance their self-esteem and give inspiration to their hopes and dreams. They also wanted the children to know that, in the absence of parents, they were valued and loved by others. The purpose of this exhibit was to increase the understanding of a very different culture, put a personal face on the tragedy of AIDS as it affects the children in Kenya, and to raise money to help the orphanage continue to provide a stable environment for the children. “They have no electricity, running water, books, and only a few recreational objects. ” Our plan is to provide them with a small kitchen, dining facility, and electricity.”

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