$250: March 2005 – Lois Fucci (Philippines, 1965-1967)

Life Haven is a safe and nurturing environment committed to assisting homeless pregnant women and women with young children develop skills that will enable them to live independently. It is located right here in the New Haven area. Life Haven is not a swinging door; most mothers and their children stay there for about 3 months. During this time period, mothers receive support that helps them to turn their lives around. The staff and counselors at Life Haven provide classes on: applying for a job, managing a checkbook, cooking healthy meals, improving literacy, using social services to benefit their children’s health, finding an apartment and, most importantly, dealing with the adversities that brought them to Life Haven. After they leave, the women can come back for more counseling and to get clothes for their children from donations that are given to Life Haven. Helping these women reach independence is the main focal point of the program. CTRPCVs have volunteered at Life Haven to do community service projects like gardening, cleaning, and organizing an after school study area for children. One of our CTRPCV members, Lois Fucci, is a regular volunteer and faithful supporter at Life Haven.

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