These were the CTRPCV Community Service Fund grants awarded in 2006.

Three CTRPCV Community Service Project Grants given in April 2006

Three $1,000 Community Service Grants will be awarded at the Connecticut Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Annual “Salute to Peace Corps” Gala. The recipients of the 2006 CTRPCV Community Service awards are: The Interfaith Refugee Ministry in New Haven, CT; Blessed Sacrament Youth Ministry located in Biloxi, Mississippi; and The Hartford Catholic Worker community based in Hartford, CT. All three of the CTRPCV Community Service Grants this year support children. CTRPCV realizes that all children need to know that they are valued and that they need to learn that an education is a “key” to a better future. Our hope is that by giving monetary aid and moral support to these projects that these children will realize that we consider them to be “our” children and our future.

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