Blessed Sacrament Youth Ministry

$1,000, April 2006

Blessed Sacrament Youth Ministry, located on the east side of Biloxi, Mississippi, works with a disadvantaged neighborhood composed mostly of African Americans. This was always a poor neighborhood, but when Hurricane Katrina flooded this peninsula with 12 – 27 ft. of polluted water leaving nothing, but devastation in its wake, it turned a bad situation into a living nightmare. Giving children the tools to build a positive future is the goal of the Blessed Sacrament Youth Ministry. The WEAL (Work, Learn, & Earn) is a five-week summer program for junior high school age children, who maintain passing grades during the school year, to teach them basic work and socialization skills. It focuses on teaching technical skills, appropriate behavior on the job, and personal money management. This grant is an example of a small step towards helping to rebuild the spirits of the survivors of Hurricane Katrina. If more groups like CTRPCV take these small steps, the end of the “journey to recovery of the Gulf Coast” will be that much closer.