Hartford Catholic Worker After School Program

$1,000, April 2006

The Hartford Catholic Worker community has housed the homeless, fed the hungry, provided furniture for the poor, and worked with the children in a disadvantaged neighborhood in North Hartford since 1993. Their work is done from the heart because their community is not funded through any church or government. In fact, their “staff” only receives room and board and a stipend of $20 a week. The CTRPCV grant will assist with their after-school program mission, which is to encourage and affirm the children to read, write and complete their homework. The neighborhood children come to the Catholic Worker site after school on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. If a child completes homework and reads for 20 minutes or writes a page in a journal, “credits” are earned that can be used to “purchase” school supplies, new books, and/or some special meaningful privileges like going to a local cultural event. A nutritional snack is also provided for the children.