$1,000: April 2006 – Interfaith Refugee Ministry

Interfaith Refugee Ministry (IRM), a nonprofit group based in New Haven, is a federally recognized refugee resettlement agency, working within the structure of the Office of Refugee Resettlement in the US Department of Health and Human Services. Their mission is to welcome refugees to Connecticut and help them become self sufficient and productive members of the community. Since 1982, IRM has resettled more than 4,000 individuals in the Greater New Haven area. The refugees, invited by the US government to start new lives in the United States, come from all over the world, including the countries of Liberia, Rwanda, Afghanistan, and Cuba. Originally established as a program of Episcopal Social Service, IRM has grown increasingly independent since its inception in 1982. They help refugees find housing and jobs, access medical care, enroll their children in school, teach them English, and help them get accustomed to life in America.

One thought on “Interfaith Refugee Ministry (New Haven)

  1. i am refugee from DR Congo.i Fled my country
    partner after the persecution.the UNHCR
    uganda Took me to Nakivale refugee camp
    Where I live for 6 years under a Shettler of
    plastic sheeting with my sister with her kid
    Elvis luitila and joachim.i That Was thinking as we are under UNHCR care we are safe, our
    life Become more dangerous again.we are
    insecure of flowing Safely in the country we
    live now, Because The persecutor we-have
    Fled Their members are distingushed Who-
    have Refugees Threaten here we live and to our life, and always puts us in a state of
    insecurity.here hope of life Because We Can
    not go back home, i could not got anywhere,
    do not-have homeland, and on my two
    brothers Were stabbed and murded, our
    compound and the DID raping are still there up to now. i still pschologically Suffer from trauma
    and Losses of Both Parents.i can never return
    home because i-have Could Be Persecuted,
    tortured or surefire other serious humans
    rights violations.can you help me to come in your country

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