$1,000: October 2006 – Charyn Atkin (Kenya, 1979-1981)

The Catholic Diocese of Nyeri, Central Province, Kenya donated a large parcel of land that had been used for decades as a sisal plant that is used in the production of baskets, rugs & fishing nets. Several structures on the property will be converted into dormitories, eating halls, classrooms, and training centers.

Jane Gighungu is a retired teacher who is working to identify children who are left without a parent due to the AIDS endemic, children with disabilities, and children with one parent where the need is significant. She has already created a small dorm for boys, but the greatest need in the region is to create a safe haven for girls because they are at greater risk of abuse and HIV infection. There is much work to be done at this project and the CTRPCV Community Service grant will provide seed money to begin the restoration of one of these buildings.

Charyn and Friends Community

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