Café Chavalos Culinary Arts Project (Granada, Nicaragua)

$1,000, D. Tabor (Nica. 96-98)/M. Shanley (Col. 77-79)

** An additional $1,000 grant was awarded April, 2009

Our goal is to augment an existing successful program that addresses the problem of disenfranchised young people who were in gangs and involved in drug use. The program, Café Chavalos, trains chefs and waiters to not only enter gainful employment in the food service and tourism industry, but to train them in restaurant management and business in general.

While we have operated a successful teaching café for over two years, we have outgrown our space and can no longer handle the number of people who want to experience Café Chavalos. In short, we need a bigger restaurant!

A larger space will allow us to serve larger tour groups, individual diners, and provide evening entertainment by another youth project, The School for Comedy and Mime. It will also house our teaching chef on the premises. But most important, we will be able to accept a larger number of students. With this larger staff we will open for lunch and dinner six days a week instead of only dinner four times a week. Check out the following websites for more information. and

The area in the photo below WILL be the kitchen in the new restaurant!!!

kitchen space cooking