CT Food Bank

from Lois Fucci (Philippines 65-67), project coordinator

CT Food Bank …
            CTRPCV will sort food … on 
             Saturday…  April 18, 2015

The Connecticut Food Bank annually distributes more than 15 million pounds of food to six of the state’s eight counties. Donations come from the food industry, through community member and corporate contributions, and via government subsidies.

At the CT Food Bank donations are organized and sorted by products before they are distributed at the warehouses. Member programs send representatives to the warehouses to shop for food that is then distributed to those who need it most at local food pantries, soup kitchens and emergency shelters.

CTRPCV volunteers will inspect, sort and pack non-perishable food at CT Food Bank in East Haven - 150 Bradley Street, East Haven, CT 06512 -  on Saturday, April 18th from 9 AM to noon. 

Families welcome… it’s a great service project for kids. If you are interested: call or email Lois Fucci, 203-239-0169 or mailto:lafj@att.net


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The mission of Connecticut Food Bank is to alleviate hunger. They strive to do this by supplying food products and resources to their member agencies, and promoting public awareness about the problem of hunger. The Connecticut Food Bank is a private, nonprofit organization that works with corporations, community organizations, and individuals to solicit, transport, warehouse and distribute donated food. By soliciting the food industry for products that will not sell – items that are wholesome but might have some cosmetic flaw – CFB reduces waste and feeds people.