Help Wanted

  • We are looking for people who are connected to social media. We need one or more people who can update CTRPCV on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.
  • We need someone who will be our “CALENDAR poster” who will update our CTRPCV calendar, post our events on the NPCA website, and just get our info about events “out there”.
  • Speaker’s Bureau: Connect RPCVs with requests for speakers. We get about 3- 6 requests a year.
  • Restaurant/Potluck/Friday Night Out… Coordinator: Basically someone who is interested in hosting one of these events contacts you and you share “The Plan” that CTRPCV has developed to help them organize their event.
  • Fundraiser- we need to think of ways to replenish the funds for our CTRPCV Community Service Fund. We can think big & small… all ideas are welcome.
  • Do you have a community service project that could use some helping hands? We could advertise your project in our CTRPCV E-newsletter.