Governing Board

Besides financial support, members can also devote their time and talents to participate on the Board or on a Committee. If interested, please contact Maureen Shanley at (203) 775-9222 or

Connecticut RPCV’s
P.O. Box 1803
Hartford, CT 06144

Governing Board 2014-2015

Position Name Peace Corps Service
Terese Maineri
Guatemala (2003-05)
c. 806-673-7478 |
Vice President Maureen Shanley Colombia (1977-79)
(203) 775-9222 |
Treasurer Mike Hilton Cote d’Ivoire (1996-98)
h. 860-568-1039 | c. 860-881-8660 |
Recording Secretary  Carmen Britton
Carmen Britton []
Member at Large Vacant


Committee Name Peace Corps Service
CTRPCV Service Fund Maureen Shanley (Chair), Richard Dann, Bill Collier, Louise Cox
Membership Keri Singh Thailand (1994-96)
h. 860-674-6145 | c. 860-817-5993 |
E-Newsletter David Stoloff Zaire (1973-75)
h.860-450-1294 | w.860-465-5501 |
Restaurant Meetings Coordinator Vacant
Restaurant/Potluck/Friday Night Out… Coordinator: Basically someone who is interested in hosting one of these events contacts you and you share “The Plan” that CTRPCV has developed to help them organize their event.
Aloha Committee Kyle Wilkinson Cameroon (2001-03)
(860) 882-9319 |
E-mail Coordinator David Stoloff Zaire (1973-75)
h.860-450-1294 | w.860-465-5501 |
Fundraising Chair Vacant
We need to think of ways to replenish the funds for our CTRPCV Community Service Fund. We can think big & small… all ideas are welcome.
Web Master Claude Errera Guatemala (1987-89)
c. 203.887.4844 | w. 203.393.9203 |
Mentor-Mentee Program Terese Maineri Guatemala (03-05)
(860) 673-7478 |
NPCA/PC Advocacy Liaison Joan Leonard Kenya (1969-72)
h. 860-669-0537 | w. 203-789-7458 |
Social Media Updater Vacant
We are looking for people who are connected to social media. We need one or more people who can update CTRPCV on Facebook, Linked-in, Twitter, etc.
Calendar Updater Vacant
We need someone who will be our “CALENDAR poster” who will update our CTRPCV calendar, post our events on the NPCA website, and just get our info about events “out there”.
Speaker’s Bureau Vacant
Connect RPCVs with requests for speakers. We get about 3-6 requests a year.
Community Service Project Coordinator Vacant
Do you have a community service project that could use some helping hands? We could advertise your project in our CTRPCV E-newsletter.