Welcome to the new and improved official website of the Connecticut Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (CTRPCV)! We have worked hard over the past few months to create a fresher website that we hope you enjoy. At the top of each page you will find various tabs, including all of the following:

ABOUT US – Here is where you can find a copy of our official bylaws, our current Governing Board’s contact information, Profiles on select CTRPCV members and an interactive map that shows where each of our members has served as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

EVENTS – This tab contains a listing of our past and upcoming events.

OUTREACH – Here is where you can find specific information for current volunteers, educators and RPCVs. You can also find a listing of organizations we have worked with in the past and various resource links.

PHOTOS – Scroll through this tab to see CTRPCVs at various events we have held and even some photos from our service!

PROJECT GRANTS – You can find all of the CTRPCV Community Service Grants we have funded since 2005.

SUPPORT – This tab contains our annual report archives, a listing of CTRPCV member-owned businesses, and our CTRPCV newsletter archive (2012 – present). You can also find information here on donating to our group and becoming a member of the CTRPCV.

For those of you who are not familiar with us or our work, the CTRPCV is comprised of both Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and Peace Corps supporters living in Connecticut. CTRPCV is a regional affiliate of the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA). Through fellowship, fun, and service, CTRPCV meets the Peace Corps’ Third Goal of ‘bringing the world back home.’

Our overriding purpose is to continue to enrich the lives of others. Using the experience we gained living and working in other cultures around the world, we focus on contributing to community well-being, promoting the value of diversity, and celebrating the joy of fellowship with our RPCV colleagues.

How you can get involved: