CTRPCV is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization and all contributions to CTRPCV or the CTRPCV Community Service Fund are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Consider making a donation the CTRPCV Community Service Fund. Your donation is an investment in the future of our communities at home and abroad.

Donate at the “Friend” level you are comfortable with. Each of the group titles mean ‘Friend’ around the world! ‘Amigo’ is Spanish, ‘Ami’ is French, ‘Rafiki’ is Swahili, ‘Kaibigan’ is Filipino.  We need YOUR help to make a difference!

Amigo [Bolivia] Grant Sponsor $1,000 

Ami [Senegal] $500 

Rafiki [Kenya] $100 

Kaibigan [Philippines] $50

Friend [USA] $25 

*** Honor someone special by dedicating a $1,000 grant in their name 

Please make checks payable to “Treasurer, CTRPCV” and mail to:  

Treasurer, CTRPCV 

P.O. Box 1803

Hartford, CT 06144-1803

Click BUTTON to make a credit card donation: