CTRPCV Community Service Fund

The CTRPCV holds fundraising social events throughout Connecticut and accepts donations for its CTRPCV Community Service Fund. The Community Service Fund is a domestic and international grants program that has been in place since 2005. Thanks to membership dues (no longer being collected), raffles during CTRPCV events, and generous donations from individuals and organizations, the CTRPCV Community Service Fund is able to accomplish four vital objectives:  

  1. Assist Peace Corps Volunteers from Connecticut who are presently serving and working on projects in their country of service through CTRPCV Community Service Fund Grants.
  2. Assist Returned Peace Corps Volunteers in Connecticut who are working on community projects at home or abroad through CTRPCV Community Service Fund Grants.
  3. Provide CTRPCV Scholarships Returned Peace Corps Volunteers who want to pursue graduate studies in Connecticut in a field related to their area of service while they were active volunteers.

  4. Assisting CTRPCV with its operations and activities through a general fund.

Visit our CTRPCV Community Service Fund Grant and CTRPCV Scholarship pages to find out how you can apply and browse the Past Grant Recipients pages to learn more about the wonderful projects we’ve helped fund!

Consider making a donation to the CTRPCV Community Service Fund.