CTRPCV Community Service Fund Grants

The CTRPCV holds fundraising social events throughout Connecticut and accepts donations for its CTRPCV Community Service Fund. The Community Service Fund is a domestic and international grants program that has been in place since 2005. Thanks to membership dues (no longer being collected), raffles during CTRPCV events, and generous donations from individuals and organizations, the CTRPCV Community Service Fund awards grants to Peace Corps Volunteers who are presently serving and working on projects in their country of service or Returned Peace Corps Volunteers who are working on community projects at home or abroad.

Through the CTRPCV Community Service Fund, CTRPCV provides financial assistance to education, health, small businesses and community development projects that are supported by its members at home and/or abroad.  Past grants include:

  • Bicycles for caregivers at Malawi Children’s Village
  • Security fencing for a school for the blind in Africa
  • Micro-enterprise projects, including a corn grinding mill in Guatemala and a cafe employing street boys in Nicaragua.
  • Beds for an orphanage in Romania
  • Landscaping at Life Haven in CT
  • Shipping boxes of books to PCVs through Darien Book Aid
  • Preservation of open space through the Bridgeport Community Land Trust for land conservation, environmental protection and community gardening for the benefit of Bridgeport residents 

In most situations CTRPCV requires that projects spearheaded by current PCVs be a registered Peace Corps Partnership Program (PPP) project, and funding comes in the form of Project Assistance Grants, as part of the Peace Corps Partnership.


CTRPCV members who are seeking funding for a project in the USA or abroad should show that the not-for-profit organization on behalf of which the CTRPCV is requesting the grant has 501(c)(3) status.


Current Peace Corps Volunteers from Connecticut and Connecticut RPCVs may apply for grants by completing the Grant Application Form, which is available in MS Word or PDF format (see below). Grant recipients can meet reporting requirements by completing the Project Report Form (MS Word or PDF format) which is included in the application document. 

For more information, contact Maureen Shanley at grants@ctrpcv.org, 863-500-9146 (h) or 203-788-0163 (c)