Eastern Europe and Central Asia

COMPUTER PROJECT (UKRAINE) - $1,000: May 2011 – Abbie Sauter (Ukraine, 2010-2012)

The project provided the Shepit School with five computers and five 42” monitors for use during classes. Dolishniy Shepit is isolated not only geographically, but also technologically. The introduction of modern technology into the school in Shepit is bridging a gap bringing this tiny village into modern times.

ROMA ORPHANAGE PROJECT (UKRAINE) - $1,000: January 2012 – Cassandra Philip (Ukraine, 2010-2012)

This dormitory will have a lasting, sustainable impact, not just for the orphaned Roma children, but also for the citizens of Krivoy Rog. The project will provide invaluable opportunities to educate local Ukrainians about Roma people and dispel undue stigmas. We can then begin to minimize the prejudice and acts of discrimination against Roma that still occur.

WORLD MAP PROJECT (REPUBLIC OF GEORGIA) - $500: January 2014 – Nicole Kennedy (Republic of Georgia, 2012-2014)

Nicole Kennedy received $500 through our Community Service Fund for the creation of a world map in her community in the Republic of Georgia.

AMERICARES FOR NEPAL - $1,000: May 2015 (CTRPCV Governing Board)

Americares was there caring for earthquake survivors and rebuilding health facilities in the early stages of Nepal’s recovery after the 7.8-magnitude earthquake rocked the country that caused buildings to collapse, set off avalanches on Mount Everest and catapulted the entire region into chaos.

MEDICAL ASSISTANCE FOR WAR REFUGEES (Ukraine) - $2,000, April 2022 - Doug Latham (Ukraine 1995-1997)

CTRPCV wanted to assist the Ukraine, a former PC host country, and reached out to Maidan United which is a 100% volunteer group of Ukrainian Americans based in Hartford who organized in  2014 after the Russia’s invasion into Crimea. They provide much-needed medical supplies to the people of Ukraine. With our community service grant and a matching donation from PayPal, they were able to buy 130 CAT tourniquets, which meant the potential of saving 130 Ukrainian lives.  Слава Українi!!