Event Details

Join CTRPCV at Madison’s 4th of July Parade. Join other RPCVs for a parade route and bring along your host country’s flag. Help spread the word that Peace Corps is alive and well!

Location: Citizen’s Bank parking lot next to Bank of America. Located on Samson’s Rock Drive.

Time: Parade starts at 10 am, please arrive at 9:30 am

If coming on I-95, Route 79 a.k.a. Durham Rd is EXIT 61.

Parking: is hard to find. All parking is free in Madison, you might explore any of the side streets. Main Street (a.k.a. Route 1 , a.k.a. Boston Post Rd) will be blocked off for the parade. The Train Station has a pretty big lot. Also behind the Post Office. If you get there late be prepared to park far away and have a long walk.

The Parade is 1.5 miles — you can bail out anytime along the way if you get tired.) Bring water, it can be hot and dehydration is not fun.

Attire: Wear whatever is comfortable for you to walk in. If you have costumes or gear from your host country it’s great if you wear or bring it. Also 4th of July gear and patriotic stuff.

Bring: And most importantly, it looks great if everyone carries a little flag on a stick of their host country. If you don’t have one, it’s easy to make one out of paper. Good to have a few USA flags too.

Whoever has the Peace Corps banner that fronts the group, please bring it.

The Parade ends at the Surf Club behind the golf course. There is no shuttle bus back to the start. My daughter’s will be there with cars (I hope) to take people back to the start, or to their cars. But patience is required because it will take a while for the crowd and traffic to thin out. However you can stay at the beach and picnic, or sunbath or swim or play any number of park games.

If you need help call me at 203 376-8546 DRIVE SAFELY and
LET’S HAVE FUN celebrating the 3rd goal Peace Corps goal: Publicity.

Best to all,
Ken Shuey, 2021 CTRPCV Parade Czar.