About Us

CTRPCV was created as the official regional affiliate of the National Peace Corps Association in 1981. Originally, membership was contingent upon paying annual dues. Today, membership is open at no cost to Connecticut Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and supporters of Peace Corps.

Members of CTRPCV organize and perform community service volunteering in different parts of the state at different times of the year.  Some of the recurring community service activities have been:

Other organizations CTRPCV has worked with include Life Haven in New Haven, Habitat for Humanity in Danbury, and the Red Cross in Middletown.

Occasionally, CTRPCVs will get together at a restaurant to share food and conversation or host an event in their home.  And from time to time, CTRPCV puts on a special event, such as the screening of “A Towering Task. 

CTRPCV distributes Pieced Together, a quarterly newsletter providing updates on Peace Corps Advocacy and the National Peace Corps Association, profiling the work of CTRPCVs, and highlighting past and upcoming activities.  To subscribe to our newsletter, click on the subscribe button.

CTRPCV also established the CTRPCV Community Service Fund Grant in 2005, which continues to support projects of current Peace Corps Volunteers from Connecticut as well as CTRPCVs.

The enthusiasm and participation of its members in organizing and attending events and serving on its board is a key component to the organization’s success. CTRPCV always welcomes new ideas and opportunities.  If you want to host a potluck, a meet-up, an event, a group outing, or visit or a volunteer opportunity at a local organization, let us know, and we will work together to make it happen and/or get the word out!

CTRPCV is committed to the Peace Corps mission to promote peace and friendship throughout the world. Diversity and inclusion are central to our identity and we welcome and encourage unique perspectives, cultural & life experiences of all people. CTRPCV strives to support minority and diverse communities in Connecticut and worldwide and we are committed to making a positive impact. We believe that we must respect and honor diverse populations. CTRPCV supports projects around the world that demonstrate our commitment to our core values.